5 tips to ace your video job interview

As we roll into another year of “working differently” due to Covid 19 restrictions in the workplace, video interviews and meetings have become part of the way we all do business. In fact, they are not really something we do differently now……more often than not Oxygen’s clients are choosing to conduct interviews with job applicants via video in the first instance with potentially 2nd round or final interviews being conducted face to face.

So, for you as someone applying to these roles, what are the top things you need to remember when preparing for a video job interview?

Consider your physical location and the setting for the meeting
Not everyone has great internet reliability or a quiet house to conduct a job interview in. Consider where your physical location will be, for the job interview, well ahead of time. You may need to move to a different setting for that meeting if you have a noisy dog, are in the middle of home renovations, or have family members / flatmates who are likely to interrupt you. Check your bandwidth can support Zoom, Teams or whatever platform the interviewer is meeting you on.
Also, this may sound obvious but clean up your background environment! We often see people conducting meetings with mess in the background and its just distracting for the interviewer. You want a potential employer to be totally focused on you and what you have to offer, so use a virtual background if you need to – practice installing this before the day.

Personal presentation is important
Don’t let your “working from home” yoga look detract for what should otherwise be a polished reflection of what you can bring to an employer. Even if the interviewer is dressed casually, it pays to consider the old maxim of “dress for the job you want not the job you have” (Austin Kleon).

Find out how many people will be on the call
Panel interviews can be challenging face to face, but over video this is even tougher. If you can, find out how many people will be interviewing you and who they are. Do your research so that you know a little bit about each of them and then consider how you will work to include each of them……. this could be as straightforward as having a question at the end of your interview for different panel members (time allowing).

Reduce background noise
This sounds obvious but think ahead of time about what could distract you during the call. Put a sign on your front door for delivery people asking them not to ring the bell if you have to, give that pampered pooch some treats, and make sure you are ready and focused well before the call starts.

Think about your voice
Video calls can be challenging if you are a quiet speaker. Remember it can be hard for everyone to hear you across the speaker so answer clearly, slowly and audibly. There is nothing wrong with asking for a question to be repeated if you are having trouble hearing the interviewer either.

Most importantly, relax and be yourself. A video interview can allow an interviewer a little window into your world and the type of person you are outside the office, so use this to your advantage and perhaps tell them a little about yourself when the opportunity arises in the meeting.

Good luck! Remember Oxygen Recruitment & HR can assist you with finding your next role. To discuss what career opportunities we have on offer, contact the team here