How to be a Star Employer – Attracting talent to your business

By Patrick Fisher

I recently attended a SEEK webinar on the best ways to attract talent to your business. This session highlighted some key statistics on what job seekers want in a role, and the key benefits they look for. In this blog post, we will go through some of the key benefits and statistics that job seekers want in different fields, and why businesses should be pivoting their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract top talent to their business.

Surveyed Participants Annual Income


Under $52k 18%
$52k to $103k  44%
$104k to $155k  20%
Over $155k  17%

*Reference Seek Survey

“Work Life Balance”

When talking to job seekers, the phrase work life balance is consistently used, however it can involve many different factors. According to SEEK research, job seekers are looking for a better work life balance, this includes the ability to work from home/remotely and having flexible working hours. What is not mentioned by employers and should be included in their EVP are other important factors in employees having a better work-life balance. For example, in the Financial and Insurance services industry, job seekers wanted additional leave, time in lieu and the ability to buy annual leave or take unpaid leave as part of their contract/ benefit package.

“Salary and Compensation”

Job seekers do not want to take a backwards step in terms of their salary, and this usually means their package which is base plus super. However, job seekers may be swayed to take a lower base if they have a better opportunity to earn more in the short- or long-term future. 78% percent of job seekers that were surveyed by SEEK wanted to know what the base salary was on the job ad, and if it wasn’t stated would most likely not apply. Added to this, 64% of the market wanted to know about the salary review period and wanted this to be stated in the ad also. Job seekers want to know the salary for the role they are applying for, and if they are getting an immediate increase in their current remuneration package.

“Career Development”

Career development within a role and organisation can mean many different things for a job seeker. When trying to attract the best talent to your business, this is one of the main influences when a job seeker looks at accepting your offer or staying with your organisation for the foreseeable future. When a job seeker looks at a job ad, at your company’s website, or speaks to someone in your business about the development opportunities, they will want to know about promotional opportunities, on the job coaching, in house training programs and internal transfer opportunities. If your business has 50-75% visible, it will go a long way to attracting the top talent to your business.

While the benefits listed above are in the top 3 for the financial services and insurance industry, there are plenty of other benefits that will attract the best talent to your business. Finer details such as the location, company reputation and the size of team and business can all persuade and influence a potential employee’s decision in accepting a role with that organisation. I have seen companies offer a wide range of added benefits such as free fruit and coffee, catering, and discounted gym memberships to their employees.

Positioning yourself in the strongest, best way possible is vital in ensuring you get strong job seekers applying for your roles, and in the end accepting an offer from your business rather than a competitor.

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